Cory Van Lew is a Visual artist known for his particular use of bright color, to invoke positivity with good intentions. Pulling from moments of his life, Van Lew uses his “Theory of Transmission” to communicate and create works of art. Since his entry into the NFT community, Cory has taken stronghold as one of the prominent artists in the space, working with celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Jake Paul and Teyana Taylor.

Originally from Orange County, California, Cory picked up his creativity at a young age. As Van Lew attended High School in Washington state, he gravitated towards Graphic Design through Adobe Photoshop classes and was immediately hooked. Using it as a creative outlet, Cory was able to escape the pressures of moving out at the young age of 17 to pursue a career in action sports.

Although this journey would be impactful to his success today, designing and fulfilling someone else’s ideas ultimately pushed Cory into the mindset that he could achieve the same for himself.

Picking up the paintbrush he set out to crusade on his own journey and started selling paintings to friends and family.

After securing his first show in San Diego, and selling out of most of his works, Van Lew took it upon himself to relocate to Austin, Texas and dial in on his craft.

Selling his works out of the late “Hope Outdoor Gallery”, the local Austin hotspot allowed him to generate an income and build a name for himself.

As success was slowly improving, Cory began to secure multiple galleries around the United States including places like Milwaukee, New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami.

During the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, Cory released his first series of “blue face” characters; capturing moments of darkness, putting them in a positive light.

Instantly, Cory became a viral hit. He would go on to sell out of print editions within hours; and began garnering the attentions of larger corporate entities.

Late 2020, Cory was given an opportunity to work with Disney to recreate a moment from the movie “Soul” depicted in that Van Lew signature style.

With the success of the movie and a viral Tik Tok placed on Disney’s page, Cory’s artwork was used to create merchandise as well as marketing efforts for the movie and can be purchased online and at Disney stores to this day.

As this was all going public, Cory was getting into the NFT scene. In November 2020, Cory was introduced to SupeRare and the idea of blockchain technology. Van Lew was skeptical at first, as sales were slow and sporadic; that was until the “phase one” series released when Fewocious decide he was going to buy all three pieces.

The love and noise made from that drop attracted droves of collectors to Cory’s work. One of those collectors being the Youtube famous, Jake Paul.

Fascinated by the style of Cory Van Lew, they would go on to work together to release a successful boxing NFT depicting the infamous knockout of Nate Robinson. With that experience Cory was able to work with Nftnow and Oneof to secure a project with Professional Boxer Mike Tyson.

Currently, the Mike Tyson project by Cory sits at the 78th spot on Openseas Top 100 NFTs of all-time list, with an eth trading volume equivalent to $16.8 million USD.

Cory recently created digital festival posters collaborating with OneOf (the green NFT marketplace built for music) and iHeartRadio Music Festival.

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